Year 5 Computing

This page will be used by the Year 5 students to create content in their ICT lessons this half term.


In this term, I enjoyed playing badminton in P.E and learning about the Amazon Rainforest. Also, I like the playleading games we play at lunch. What I liked the most was having fun and doing the green screen.


We have currently been learning about the Amazon Rainforest and how it is being destroyed because of deforestation. We have drafted, edited, and performed our persuasive speeches about saving the Amazon. In PE we have been learning how to play badminton, about all the types of ways of serving the shuttlecock. And also, in art, we have been studying African instruments! We have been focusing on a certain instrument called the ‘Kalimba’. Over three weeks we have been making one! We made the base out of two plates stuck together, made the keys using different length lollypop sticks, and finally we decorated our instrument using cotton buds as our brushes, and vibrant colours!  




I’ve had a lot of fun making our kalimbas with the rest of my class and being creative with our designs. I hope to make them again in the future, as they were so fun to make. I’m sure that I’ll have lots of fun making music with my kalimba. I hope that the rest of the class enjoyed making our kalimbas just as much as I did.


We won times tables rock stars a few times this term which is quite lucky because the year 6s and year 4s put up a good fight but WE WON so everyone in year 5 I am giving you all a big hug for competing good job everyone.


In class we have currently been learning about the amazon rain forest and how deforestation is way too bad and if we carry on, we will all die and how animal life will

Mohamed Hassan

One thing I have enjoyed in Year Five is when we made a DraxPhone with the Micro bits and programmed emotions onto them. Also in Maths,we had done active maths lessons 


What I have realy enjoyed art because we got to make and design African kolimbas an play them. Also In English we have been writing persuasive speeches and I realy liked what I write and It was real compelling And in pe we have been doing badminton also I liked it because I did lots of raleys and long shots

also die. When we are all dead we have the politicians to blame and the government and we are trying to sell it to nice people so deforestation will not be so bad in that area and then slowly save the entire world from deforestation.  

Nora A.J
This half term, in geography and english we have been learning all obout the Amazon rainforest and I have been enjoing learning the model text and drafting the our own pursuasive speech. After we had finished our drafts we edited it and wrote it down in our English books and today Miss Lodge got the green screen out and we took turns reading our pursuasive speech infront of it while we were filmed.

Liam hodges

I enjoy building Lego because after I build a set I love that I built it so I rebuild it because then I get to build it over and over which I love. Lego is very cool and you can make anything you want with Lego even statues of things like dragons. There is a Lego Harry Potter which I love building because I love harry potter and Lego. i also like playing badminton because it’s a good sport to play also skipping is a tiring yet fun sport to play plus its healthy for you. I love playing my xbox because I love to chat to my friends and school mates and play a virioty of games.



At school, I enjoy doing English. At English lessons, I wrote 5 paragraphs. We had to ask someone nicely to buy a part of the Amazon Rainforest. I wrote 3 pages. It was time to shine! I was very proud of myself when I completed my taskJ. And then, we had to go in front of the green screen and read our big paragraph ( which I just did.)J. Then our lovely teacher Miss Lodge, will turn the green screen, into the gigantic Amazon Rainforest. After all those busy stuff, Miss Lodge might put the brilliant videos, on youtube. I really enjoyed doing my task. If you were me, then you would really enjoy it too!

Usman Baig

I enjoyed badminton because I was partnered with someone really good at badminton. I bet you can’t guess who it was, did you get it right it was Mohamed . do you like badminton? You should really try it because when I first tried it I really liked it but if you have tried it keep on playing and have a good day.


I have really enjoyed learning about the Amazon Rainforest this half term. I liked making our posters about a certain animal in geography and I quite enjoyed learning about the city Manaus which is also in the Amazon Rainforest too. Our last thing in English was to write a whole persuasive speech about buying some of the Amazon Rainforest and we were filmed while reading it. Also in English, we had to create and advert about buying the Amazon Rainforest as well as this. I would definitely like to  learn about the Amazon Rainforest a bit more but it has still been really fun doing the Amazon Rainforest this half term though.

Ilyas Melloul

I enjoyed P.E in P.E I have learned how to play badminton and I have been getting better at it since I   have started. I also enjoy playing Pokemon   because I can play with Zakariya and I can earn cool bages and you can play with your pokemon. I enjoy going to school because I can see all of my friends. I love playing with cats and kittens because they are really cute and cuddly and I can talk to them about my darkest secrets .

Abdurahman Essa       

I enjoy i.c.t because we sometimes get to do time tables rock stars and I enjoyed it since I started it. I also like playing MARVEL games at home and also I like playing Hot wheels at home and I can unlock new Hot wheels car. I like going to football to win medals and.

Carys Jackson.

I enjoy doing art, like when we made

Our kalimba’s. I like making stuff at home like, models, things out of cardboard and I also like making clay models and things out

Carys Jackson.

I enjoy doing art, like when we made

Our kalimba’s. I like making stuff at home like, models, things out of cardboard and I also like making clay models and things out of paper. We also do them things at school sometimes.

of paper. We also do them things at school sometimes.

Lucas gaze

In school we have been making kilimbas and write in persuasive speeches I have particularly enjoyed the kilimbas when we painted them with vivid paints and we wrote our speeches about the amazon and deforestation in it


For the last couple of weeks, we have been doing a lot of work on deforestation and the amazon rainforest.


Today we filmed our persuasive speech to buy a part of the Amazon rainforest so we can save it in front of the green screen.J In maths we did a fun test which involved addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


I really like PE and Art because it is fun and active. PE is about teamwork and fitness. Art is a good way to be creative and fun. I have fun being with my classmates.

~Dasya and Bethany~

We have enjoyed writing our persuasive speeches to persuade somebody to buy a part of the Amazon Rainforest. We have been drafting into out draft books, we had to write the introduction and then 4 points. After that, we have copied the draft into our book and did it as neat as we could. Miss Lodge set up the green screen for us and we read it in front of the green screen. We have also enjoyed making Kalimbas in D.T. Kalimbas are an African instrument. We used paper plates for the base of the kalimbas, then we used lollypop sticks for the keys. We also got to use vibrant colours to make a creative designs out of cotton buds!


In school I enjoy the amazon rainforest text because we all can write our opinion about the rainforest and how we should stop politicians destroying are animal habitats. I also love PE on Monday and Wednesday .


This half term I have enjoyed being in front of the green screen because I was confident and seeing how much work I can do in one lesson!  Recently English and geography have been linked together and I like that sort of change! I have also enjoyed what we’ve been doing in maths. (even though it may be a bit tricky!) This school term has been great for many reasons and these are just a few of them! I also like doing badminton in P.E. Unfortunately, that’s all I have to say.


This half term I enjoyed reading my speech to the whole class. I also liked being in front of the green screen and writing my persuasive speech. Not only that, but I enjoyed being a PCSO. The things I loved the most is pe, the badminton was amazin.I like getting active and pe is my favorite subject.


This term in art I have been making a kalimba I have really enjoyed it because I love art .I have found art really calming and I love music so I found it very fun.


Today we wrote a script persuading someone to buy the Amazon Rainforest. We are dividing and multiplying in maths. Break is fun.


This half team has been great because of the persuasive speech in English. It was really fun and exciting so when you were called out to present your persuasive speech, it was a bit nerve raking